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The misuse of electronic medical records

Hospitals and other medical providers in Florida and other states are expanding their use of electronic medical records, known as EMRs. EMRs replace much of the paper medical records and can result in more accurate charting due to real-time entries by a physician or other medical practitioner.

Mentally ill man allegedly abused in Florida state hospital

Video footage was recently released of an incident at a Florida state hospital in December; said footage reportedly depicts a schizophrenic patient locked alone in a dark room for an extended period of time while the nurse charged with his care sits outside the door.

Wrongful death suit filed in Florida after electrocution accident

People across Florida have heard about the tragic accident that occurred earlier this year in June when a young girl was electrocuted on a miniature golf course. Now, the parents of the young victim are suing the resort that ran the course for the wrongful death of their daughter.

Death of wealthy philanthropist sparks lawsuit

When families suffer the devastating loss of a loved one, they are often left wondering if there could have been a way to prevent the death. In many cases, fatal accidents could have been prevented if not for the negligence or reckless behavior of a person or institution. While it cannot bring that person back, Florida families can hold the appropriate parties responsible for a wrongful death.

Lawsuit: Cruise line should be liable for bad weather, injuries

As many people in Florida know, there are different laws that apply to injuries that happen offshore. Tourists who get sick or injured on a cruise ship or other vessel may be able to pursue compensation from cruise lines that are negligent in protecting passengers and keeping them safe when they are onboard.

Court upholds $4.7 million ruling in wrongful death suit

People expect Florida hospitals, doctors and nurses to take appropriate precautions to keep a patient safe and healthy when they are undergoing surgery. When a medical professional fails to comply with these protocols, innocent patients can suffer a wrongful death as a result of this negligence.

Determining all the factors in a wrongful death

When a person is killed as a result of negligence, loved ones are often left with many questions. Most often, they want to know if something could have been done to prevent the accident in the first place. In situations that result in wrongful death, it is important to take into account all the factors that played a role in the tragedy.

Lawsuit: Rescue workers stood by and watched man drown

Imagine standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, looking out into the water. You see someone struggling out there and you call for help. Police and firefighters respond to the call, but fail to move off the shore to rescue the person out in the water. Thirty minutes later, the person drowns. What could have been done to prevent this tragic and wrongful death?

Lawsuit: Anesthesiologist sued for medical malpractice

Before a medical procedure or treatment even begins, hospital staff and doctors must take a series of steps to ensure that a surgery goes smoothly. When mistakes are made or details are neglected, the patient is the one who suffers. Recently, a Florida man filed a lawsuit against an anesthesiologist for medical malpractice after an oversight resulted in the amputation of his male genitals.

Settlement reached in fatal 'duck boat' crash

When a loved one dies as a result of another person's negligence or carelessness, family members often find themselves frustrated, sad, angry and confused. Why did this happen? Could it have been prevented? How can I move forward after such a devastating loss? While it can take a long time for the emotional pain to begin to heal, family members in Florida can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party responsible.

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