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Diagnosis of gynecological cancer

For most women in Florida, the thought of being diagnosed with gynecological cancer is scary. However, it is important to know that cancers that develop in a woman's reproductive organs are rare, and most can be easily treated if they are caught at an early stage. Once a gynecological cancer is identified, it is important for a woman to be treated by a specialist, as general gynecologists and obstetricians are not trained to treat cancer.

Misdiagnosis could lead to improper antibiotic use

In hospitals and other health care facilities in Florida and around the country, antibiotics are sometimes being improperly used. This is often caused by a misdiagnosis or when the diagnosis is indeterminate. The improper use of antibiotics may have harmful effects. Factors that contribute to the misdiagnosis on the part of practitioners include lack of experience, inadequate knowledge of the side effects, fatigue, a patient's previous diagnosis and lack of sleep. It is important that the problem be addressed and changes made to improve antibiotic use in health care.

The elements of a Florida malpractice case

Although doctors are not perfect, they are expected to do their job in accordance with the established standard of care. If a patient is injured during a medical procedure, there are many ways to establish that a preventable error caused that injury. In most cases, a malpractice case revolves around the patient's allegation that the doctor was negligent.

Florida breast cancer misdiagnosis

A new study alleges that roughly 75 percent of women from Florida to Alaska receive misdiagnoses of breast cancer due to improper biopsy interpretation. In the study, 100 pathologists were given biopsies from breast tissue and asked to review them. Three trial judges who reviewed the pathologists' findings reported significant discrepancies, raising serious questions about the reliability of breast cancer biopsies and those who diagnose based on them.

The consequences of misdiagnosed thyroid-related mental problems

Patients in Florida are becoming increasingly aware of the misdiagnosis of mental disorders that are actually caused by thyroid disease. A malfunctioning thyroid often presents the same symptoms as a number of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.

Failures to diagnose measles and medical malpractice

Florida parents may be interested to learn about the relationship between the current rise in measles cases and young pediatricians who may have inadvertently contributed by failing to recognize the symptoms of the illness in their patients. Most people have heard the idea that parents are contributing by refusing vaccinations or delaying them, but may not have read about the contribution doctors are also making to the spread of the disease.

Diagnosing ovarian cancer

If a Florida woman is suffering from pelvic or abdominal pain, bloating or is experiencing urinary symptoms, she could potentially have ovarian cancer. There are several tests that a doctor or specialist may utilize to diagnose their patient.

Attempting to remedy medical errors

Florida residents may not be aware of the recent statistics concerning misdiagnosis occurring in the health care industry. Missing a diagnosis or diagnosing the wrong medical issue continues to be a major problem. An analysis of malpractice cases that have been filed over the past several years reveals that the most common diagnostic errors are cardiovascular disease, infections and cancers.

Stroke misdiagnosis at the ER

Florida residents may benefit from learning more about the risks associated with being misdiagnosed in the emergency room. A report published by the American Heart Association during 2009 cited several accounts in which adult stroke patients were misdiagnosed at the ER. The researchers ultimately concluded that seemingly superficial conditions like nausea and vertigo in patients younger than 50 may need to be assessed and treated with great caution as they could be symptoms of stroke.

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