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How an attorney can help if you are facing deportation

Immigration laws in the U.S. are very complex and strict. As such, it can be an incredible challenge for immigrants and their families to understand and comply with them. Unfortunately, if you or a loved one is accused of violating laws or the restrictions of a visa, knowingly or not, there can still be harsh penalties to face, including deportation.

House passes restrictions on visa-free entry into the US

Visitors from all over the world travel to the U.S. every day for many reasons. Whether a person enters as a tourist, for business or school or to visit family, they will need to comply with federal immigration laws and visa requirements.

Fighting to preserve the rights of individuals who are facing deportation

The United States' immigration policies and laws are notoriously complex and mired in various bureaucratic requirements and restrictions. Consequently, individuals who, for a variety of reasons, are seeking to come to the U.S. often feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the process.

Act fast if a loved one is detained by ICE

There are many people living in Florida who were not born in the U.S. and may not even have the proper documentation to be living and/or working in this country at the moment. Many of these people are in very difficult positions. Generally speaking, they want to secure the appropriate visas, stay with their families and earn a living to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Can I (or my loved one) apply for a U visa?

Despite the massive efforts being made to stop or cut down on international crime and crime right here in the U.S., people still get caught up in illegal activity. Getting arrested, charged and convicted of a crime can come with a whole host of negative consequences, including deportation or removal from the U.S.

What to expect if you are facing removal proceedings

If you have recently been served with a Notice to Appear and are concerned that you could be deported or removed from the U.S., you can undoubtedly be very frightened. Leaving the country can mean leaving behind your loved ones and having to go to a country where you may not feel safe or comfortable.

Report: Millions of immigrants eligible for driver's license

There are thousands of people who are living in Florida without the proper legal documentation. Some people have overstayed a visa or fled to the U.S. to escape dangerous situations without first going through the proper channels to secure permission. There are also many people who were brought here as children who are still without authorization. 

What you need to know if you want to come to the US for work

People from all over the world see America as a place where they are free to pursue their goals. For many people, this means stable employment and a livable wage. The U.S. is also considered to be home to many of the most innovative and industry-leading companies in the world.

United States moves to protect transgender immigrants from abuse

The United States will honor transgender immigrants with the right to be housed in either male or female designated illegal immigrant detention centers. The decision comes after news has surfaced about numerous cases of sexual abuse and physical abuse against transgender detainees. Transgender immigrants will now be permitted to choose which facilities they will live in based on their gender identity.

Local minimum numbers for immigration arrests

Did you know that the government not only expects to hold a large amount of detainees behind bars due to immigration arrests, but that there are actual minimum guarantees that they strive to meet? On the federal level, or the nation-wide level, that number is 34,000 individuals. That is how many people the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- commonly known as ICE -- has to keep locked up every single day. This is mandated by the U.S. Congress, and it has been now since 2009.

Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook

We Literally Wrote The Book On Immigration Law

Our firm is a recognized leader in immigration law and litigation. We handle the spectrum from family and employment-based visas to deportation defense and immigration appeals. Founding partner Ira Kurzban authored the Immigration Law Sourcebook, widely used by immigration lawyers, judges and government officials as the authoritative field reference.

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