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DBRKurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli and Pratt, P.A. has a long and established history of successful litigation on behalf of their clients, due largely to the careful and thorough preparation we employ. Below are examples of some of the more distinguished verdicts and settlements we have achieved.

$6.1 million awarded to a Hawaii Plaintiff in a medical malpractice claim against Dr. Seid, a Wahiawa general practitioner physician. Antonio Richardson, a 45 year old glazier who worked for his own company in Central Oahu, was approved for $4,141,300 in special damages and another $2,000,000 in general damages. According to the court testimony, Richardson was treated for kidney failure in June 2004 more than two and a half years after an abnormal lab showed signs of kidney disease. Dr. Seid ran reported tests which included blood and urine tests, and all the results were indicative of kidney disease. When Dr. Seid finally referred Mr. Richardson to a specialist, it was discovered that Richardson was suffering from end-stage kidney failure and, as a result, suffered catastrophic injury to his health and his business. Mr. Richardson is awaiting a kidney transplant. Mr. Richardson was represented in trial by father and son team of Marvin Kurzban and Jed Kurzban of Kurzban Kurzban Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt P.A. , a Florida law firm admitted pro hac vice for the case and assisted by Honolulu attorneys Anna Oshiro and Todd Hirai of Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hasert.

$5.7 million judgment awarded to a 37-year-old truck driver, against three urologists and/or their professional associations for failure to timely and appropriately diagnose kidney disease. The jury determined that these doctors failed to properly examine the plaintiff appropriately and as a result missed the open and obvious signs of treatable kidney disease. The firm was able to establish that the doctors clearly should have known or seen the kidney disease and referred the patient for appropriate treatment. By failing to do so the plaintiff lost use of both kidneys and needed a kidney transplant in order to survive.

$2.8 million judgment against an insurance company for uninsured / underinsured coverage or failure to pay in a single car accident. This is the largest known verdict for a single car accident. A 48-year-old chiropractor was forced to stop abruptly to avoid a collision and as a result herniated his back. The insurance company refused to negotiate with its insured in any reasonable manner and, as a result, our firm was able to obtain this judgment on behalf of our client.

A substantial settlement in excess of seven figures against Nissan Corporation. The firm was able to successfully settle a significant amount for the claim of a young dancer who was injured in a Nissan auto due to the negligent design and/or materials used in the construction of the vehicle. The amount of the settlement is subject to a confidentiality agreement and cannot be revealed. Our firm has worked diligently in the field of product liability including automobile cases. This is just one example.

$1.25 million jury verdict for an ironworker employed in building the Hollywood Fashion Mall who suffered a crane accident. The firm was able to establish the crane operator’s negligence and the jury awarded the above sum for significant damage to the foot of the ironworker.

$1.2 million verdict against the trustees of a union trust fund for fraud in the management of the trust fund. The firm was able to recover the amount of money for the union.

$1.2 million verdict against American Airlines for racially discriminating against black mechanics at its American Eagle subsidiary. This is the largest race discrimination verdict in the United States.

$800,000.00 settlement against Dade County assorted contractors for injuries suffered by an ironworker in the construction of a portion of the Dade County Metrorail. The contractors failed to employ safe construction practices.

$555,000.00 jury verdict for a Key West fisherman who was injured by an officer of the Florida Marine Patrol who failed to follow the safe rules of the sea.

$535,000.00 settlement for a Dade County roofer who was injured while applying a new liquid chemical adhesive for use on roofs. The manufacturer failed to advise of the need for protection and safety equipment while using the adhesive. Vapors caused by this adhesive damaged the skin and nails of the roofer’s hand, caused lung damage, and caused chemical asthma.

$500,000.00 settlement against the Village of Key Biscayne and M. Vila & Associates, Inc. Plaintiff was riding his bicycle on Crandon Boulevard when he allegedly rode into an unmarked ditch on a construction site resulting in multiple fractures, headache, a forehead laceration requiring plastic surgery, and lost sense of smell.

$500,000.00 jury verdict after boss exposed himself. A Broward County jury awarded $500,000 to a secretary who quit after six weeks because her boss touched her, exposed himself and told her she'd get raises and bonuses if she had sex with him.

$500,000.00 settlement from the City of Hialeah, Dade County and their public works sub-contractors for piercing a water pipe and flooding the roads. As a result, a pedestrian was hit by an out-of-control automobile, causing cognitive injuries.

$400,000.00 settlement for a construction worker injured at the Florida Power and Light nuclear plant during an overhaul. Wood debris fell from higher levels hitting the construction worker on the head. The construction workers were forbidden to wear hardhats, in an attempt to avoid the expense of cleaning the hats after use.

$250,000.00 settlement from the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) for an injured construction worker.

$105,000.00, one of the largest settlements in Florida for a rear end soft tissue case against Allstate.

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